Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Father's Day to Ben!

On Saturday, Amelia had asked Ben all kinds of questions about himself, including what his favorite vegetable was (corn on the cob), what his favorite fruit was (watermelon), and what his favorite kind of cupcake was from my fancy cupcake cookbook (chocolate moose).  That made it really easy to decide what to have for his special Father's Day dinner!  We had filet mignon and NY strip steak, tater tots, corn on the cob, biscuits with jelly, and chocolate moose cupcakes.

The cupcakes were made by sticking part of a twinkie onto the top of a cupcake, then dipping the cupcake in microwaved chocolate frosting to get that smooth coat of frosting.  The antlers were made from melted chocolate chips piped onto waxed paper in an antler shape.  They actually weren't too hard to make.

Here's Ben with his two girls.  I told them they had to smile nicely if they wanted to eat a cupcake.  This was the best they could do.  :)

Because the cupcakes ended up being kind of big, I made Amelia and Megan share a cupcake.  They did a very nice job sharing:

When I look at these pictures, I'm struck by how their hair is almost the same color now.  Amelia's has a little bit of curl in the ends, although she likes to tell me that her hair is really really curly.  Megan's is stick-straight, but I think hers is thicker than Amelia's at the same age, and grows faster.

Amelia colored this picture for Ben from her new huge coloring book (Dollar Tree, yay!).  It took her a few days to color it, and she did a great job of staying inside the lines.  She colored the fairy's face orange, she told me, because she didn't have a beige crayon, and orange was the closest to beige.  She doesn't seem to have a sense yet of what colors make the most sense where (note the blue arms and green hair) so I thought it was interesting that she told me about the orange face.

She also wrote everybody's names on the envelope for the Father's Day card that she picked out herself (it has a jiggly bear on it).  She spelled Amelia, Daddy and Mommy herself, but she told me that she had to look at Megan's birth announcement picture in Megan's room to figure out how to write Megan.  As far as I know, this is the first time she's written Megan's name. 

She also colored a picture for Ben to take to work, but since he already took it to work, I didn't get a picture of it.  It looked a lot like this one, but this one is of Amelia (in the rainbow shirt) and me (in the blue shirt with black pants).  Amelia says we are wearing rainbow barrettes on our heads, and there are a lot of rainbows in the sky.  We both have blue eyes and red mouths, but I don't know why our bodies are half purple and half red.  Amelia didn't know why either.

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