Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cave of the Mounds

Becky reminded me that I never posted about our trip to Cave of the Mounds back in March.  Unfortunately, I don't remember a whole lot about it, but you can look at my really cool photos.

The first part of our tour was a short movie about the cave.  The kids were really excited about seeing a movie; in fact, Amelia said it was her favorite part of the day.  As far as I can remember, the cave was discovered when workers were blasting in a quarry.  Everyone wanted to touch the features in the cave, so they enjoyed the touchable section right as the tour started (although this photo was not taken in the touchable section, this was Natalie pointing to something). 

We were there on a rainy day, and so the cave was dripping onto our heads when we started the tour.   This threw everybody off a little bit.

The cave itself had some interesting formations:

They had obviously modified the cave, enlarging passageways, smoothing the floor, building stairs, installing rails, and even blasting holes in walls to be able to see other formations.  So, it wasn't the same kind of experience you would get going to a cave like Mammoth Cave.  But, it was a great cave to take little kids to!  Noah especially liked it when the guide turned the lights off and it was pitch dark.  Amelia did ok in the darkness, but Megan was not a big fan.  She wanted to walk through the cave instead of being carried, and it was a little tricky because the ground and steps were wet and a little slippery.  She came out of the cave completely wet and muddy, but she had fun!

We got a bunch of random group photos.  I don't know why we didn't get one just of the Weidner family without my children randomly thrown in. 

 In these two photos, you can see where they blasted a hole in the rock to expose the mini-cave behind it.  It was like they created a window to see into the next room.

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