Friday, June 15, 2012

Whitewater Lake Beach

The girls and I met Becky, Natalie and Noah at Whitewater Lake Beach in South Kettle Moraine State Park this morning.  It's almost exactly halfway between our houses (although it took Becky longer because Rte 12 is under construction).  The beach was decent but rocky, so we wore our sandals in the water.  I think that might be why Megan wasn't a huge fan of the water, because she didn't want to wear her shoes.  She did wade in eventually to fill her bucket with water, but either Becky or I had to hold her if we wanted her to go in the deeper end.

The rest of the kids liked walking and splashing in the shallow water, and they especially liked looking at the little fish that were swimming around.  We tried to catch them with our buckets, but the fish were too fast.  As I was sitting in the water with Megan, a fish nibbled on my leg.  I thought the kids would find that interesting, but it seemed to freak Natalie out a little.  Here are Natalie and Noah splashing through the water like sea monsters:

 The kids really liked wearing their inner tubes and water wings, and Natalie even swam in the deeper water from Becky to me with her floatation devices.  Amelia claimed her favorite part of the beach was swimming in the deeper water, but she never got deep enough that she couldn't stand.  She did float and kick by herself (with her inner tube) in the shallower water, so that's progress I guess.

Megan said her favorite part of the beach was Noah.  So cute!

We built a sand castle with a moat and a river, and the kids ran back and forth to the lake to bring water for the moat.  Nobody was interested in getting buried in the sand.  Too bad.

We had a picnic lunch in the shade just before we left, and I asked all the kids to show me what a sea monster face looked like.  Here they are:

I didn't ask Megan to make a face, but I thought this was her way of telling me what sea monsters like.... MORE JELLY:

Yes, there she is cramming a quarter of a peanut butter and JELLY sandwich into her mouth all at once. 

The girls and I stopped at Frosty Freeze in Fort Atkinson on our way back for a special treat.  I got two kiddy cones and one root beer float for $2.80!  Good deal!  This was Megan's first time eating a cone, and I don't think she's quite ready for it.  She liked to lick the ice cream, of course, but when it started melting and dripping on her hand (and her shorts, and the bench, and my shorts) she got too worried about cleaning up the drips and couldn't enjoy her ice cream.  So I had to feed her the rest with a spoon.

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