Friday, June 8, 2012

A Blog Post from Amelia

(This post was dictated and photographed by Amelia using her new drop-proof Fisher Price camera from Aunt B and Uncle Dan.  What a wonderful present for Amelia!  Thanks, guys!)

Grandma is taking a picture of me:

That's Megan with her umbrella on top of her like it's raining:

That's Grandma looking at me for my picture that I was going to take of her.  I was in the seat by her in the back of the red magic van:

Here's the ceiling of the van:

Here's the cow from the library that's outside right there close to the Market Street Diner:

That's a picture of us eating and Megan putting a piece of paper on her head:

Grandma is putting her hand up and making moose antlers!

Daddy and Grandpa:

That's me!  I held the camera out and pushed the button.

Grandpa is stretching out his lips like this:

Jam!  We made the jam out of strawberries that we picked:


  1. Amelia, these turned out great! You are a very good photographer. Uncle Dan and I are so happy that you're enjoying your birthday present. We love you!

  2. Wow, that one of the cow really had a nice angle! Impressive.

  3. Amelia, you are a very good photographer and blogge!! thanks for sharing. GAunt Cheri