Sunday, June 10, 2012

Waunakee's Big Rig Gig

Finally we got to go to a touch-a-truck event!  The girls were the perfect age for it this year - Amelia loved getting to "drive" all the trucks, and was curious about how they worked.  Megan enjoyed it, too, although she got hungry and tired and was content to stay in my arms for the last few trucks.

The girls didn't want to sit in the back of the police car (can you blame them?) but I forced them into it for the photo op.

Help, help!  Let us out!

They were much more interested in driving the steamroller and the front end loader:

It was a hot day, so we sat in the shade of the huge snow plow for a minute:

But then we had to go explore the truck that was pulling a floating dock crane boat thing.  Amelia said this was her favorite truck because it was so long.  Although both she and Daddy seemed to like the street sweeper the best, because they could feel the different bristles on the back (plastic) and side (metal) brushes.

And we discovered a tractor that had wheels that were even taller than Daddy:

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