Friday, November 9, 2012

Aunt B's Wedding

I hardly have any photos from Aunt B's wedding, because my camera got left at home.  With the two flower girls, flower girl backpacks, flower girl dresses, flower girl bows, shoes, tights, toys, snacks, coloring book bags, and diapers that I was carrying, I didn't even notice my camera was missing until we got to the church.  Hopefully we'll get copies of some cute photos from the photographer eventually. So these photos were all taken with Amelia's little camera.

Here's Amelia with Aunt B:

And here's Amelia with Grandma:

Here's the girls practicing walking down the aisle with Landon at the rehearsal.  I could tell Amelia was trying to follow instructions by walking slowly, but Landon kept trying to pull her along to walk faster.  Megan held her pretend flowers up in the air and whacked the sides of all the pews as she was walking down the aisle.  She did the same thing with her real flowers at the wedding.  :)

Amelia told me she wanted to stand at the front of the church with the big girls during the wedding, and she made it almost to the end before she got tired and came back to sit with me.  She took her responsibilities so seriously.  :)  Megan wanted to stand in the front, too, but I knew she wouldn't stand still, so I told her that if she sat with me, I would give her toys and jelly beans.  She chose to sit with me, and she ate jelly bellies pretty much the entire time. 

I thought the girls did very well; Megan was getting pretty tired by the family photos after the wedding, but they smiled nicely for photos before the wedding at least.  We stayed at the reception until 9pm, because the girls wanted to eat wedding cake (which they loved) and do some dancing.  Amelia was ready to leave when the dancing started because the music was so loud, but Megan kept saying "more dancing!" because she loved it so much.  Aunt B and Grandpa Jeff were very nice to let the girls join them for the last little bit of the father-daughter dance, and my girls were thrilled. 


  1. I like the black and white photos. So pretty. Did you get any pictures of Megan in her dress?

  2. I agree, Becky. The black and whites are stunning! Sounds like both girls did such a great job! :)

  3. We're hoping to have all the raw files from the photographer this weekend! I'm so anxious to see them, but this has placated me for a few days :o)