Monday, November 26, 2012

Seeing the Trains

We went to see the trains at the Chicago Botanic Gardens on Friday morning. 

I think the kids were the perfect ages to see the trains this year; they all had a great time!  We walked around watching the trains and searching for the 6 hidden penguins for about a half hour, and then we did the scavenger hunt.  Can you find the penguin hiding at Soldier Field?

Megan's favorite part was trying to catch the fake snow, but she loved to watch the trains, too.

 Here are the four cousins outside the train exhibit.  After we got a mostly successful picture, we told them to make silly reindeer faces.  Megan didn't quite know what to do with that, but the others thought it was funny!

After naptime, the girls made gingerbread cookies with Grandma.  They made a lot of gingerbread cookie completely covered with red hots for Grandpa.  I had to remind them to make some with fewer red hots for everybody else.  Grandpa really liked his big gingerbread men!

We had buckwheat pancakes for breakfast on Saturday.  Megan ate almost 4 pancakes, and Amelia ate 6!  Guess they really like buckwheats!

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  1. I love the pictures of them all together and how the 3 of them are holding hands! I haven't taken my pictures off the camera yet!