Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bagels as big as Megan's head

The girls and I had such a productive morning on Sunday; after church we ran some errands and then had lunch at Panera.  Of course the girls each had a cinnamon crunch bagel, it looks like Megan's bagel is as big as her head!

 I let them split a red velvet cookie as a treat.  Here they are showing off their red tongues:

 One of Amelia’s little friends came over to play (without her mom!) on Monday afternoon.  The girls chose to dress up and practice ballet, have a tea party for Dinah’s birthday, and color pictures.  I like to see how Amelia plays with her friends.  I encouraged her to ask her friend what she wanted to do, but she still got a little upset when her friend didn’t want to play the things Amelia suggested.  They spent about an hour coloring and cutting out some triangles to make birthday hats, and then coloring suncatchers with Sharpies.  Megan’s hands are still rainbow colored from the Sharpies!