Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November Miscellany

Earlier this week, Megan surprised me by drawing people!  The one on the right reminds me more of an angry bird than of a person, but the one on the left has two eyes, a frown, some hair and two legs.  Pretty impressive for a two year old!  I didn't even know she could draw a circle.

I asked Amelia to help me make dinner on Monday by crushing the crackers for our salmon cakes.  Here's how she decided to crush them:

It was pretty effective, and the freezer bag held up well to all the pounding.  I told Amelia and Megan that we were eating chicken fingers for dinner, but Amelia said "These don't taste right" and only ate a tiny little one. 

Yesterday the girls asked if they could sit outside to watch the sunset.  They wanted to go out without coats and shoes: "We won't be cold!" they said, reminiscent of Uncle David or Grandpa.  I made them put on coats because it was below freezing. 

Last night at dinner, Megan was making funny faces.

We kicked off our weekly family game night last night by playing Hey, That's my Fish.  Amelia won with 31 fish, while Ben and I each had 26 fish, and Megan had 17.  Amelia started to demonstrate some strategy, although I gave her a few hints along the way and Ben and I both played with a handicapped strategy.  I thought Megan did pretty well for not really understanding how to play!  She put all of her penguins on the same corner of the board.  :)  We simplified the rules so that penguins could move only one tile at a time, and we let everybody use all four of their penguins, because the girls really like the penguins.  After we finished our game, Megan and Amelia played with the penguins until bed time.  They made a road out of the ice floes, and Amelia got out a boat for the penguins to row across the ocean, in case they didn't feel like swimming, I guess.

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  1. That's quite the jump by Amelia-look at the height she got! Megan's people are so cute!