Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nativity Scenes for Sale

Our church has a giving tree program at Christmas where you can buy toys for kids in our school district who otherwise would not receive presents this Christmas.  The girls were excited to each choose a tag from the tree.  Amelia's girl asked for a Barbie and a board game; Megan's girl asked for a baby doll.  They said that I should pick a girl, too (since I'm a girl!) and so my girl wants diapers.  We were told to spend no more than $25 on presents for each child.  I thought this would be a good opportunity for the girls to earn some money to pay for the gifts themselves, and to practice being generous and serving others.

We've been working hard the last few weeks on making the nativity scenes you will see below.  Each time we work on them, we talk about our girls, and how excited they are going to be to get toys at Christmas.  We are hoping that you will be interested in purchasing some of our handcrafted nativity scenes to help us raise money for our girls' presents.  I will match any money raised so that we can buy present for all of our girls.

Nativity Scene #1

This beautiful set was colored by Amelia, then glued on sanded pine blocks and covered with Mod Podge to make them durable and child friendly.  Note the attention to detail and the nontraditional color choices on the Mary and Joseph blocks.  This set consists of Mary with Jesus, Joseph, Shepherd, Angel, Sheep, Star, and Three Wisemen. 

Nativity Scene #2

The figures in this set are crafted from painted paper, then glued on sanded pine blocks and covered with Mod Podge to make them durable and child friendly.  This set was painted, cut and colored by Amelia; the back is signed and dated by the artist.

 Nativity Scene #3:

Similar to the previous scene, the figures in this set were painted by Megan, though cut by Marcie.  Megan also chose the eye and mouth colors, and drew the faces herself.  She helped with the placement of the pieces and added the glitter to the star herself.

Nativity Ornaments:

These ornaments would be perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree!  The girls chose the paint colors and fabrics; Megan painted the Joseph dolls, while Amelia painted the Mary dolls and the stars and added the eyes to all figures.  All hot-gluing was done by Marcie.  Different sizes and fabric options are available as shown below; please indicate which you would like.

Amelia suggested that the ornaments be priced at $1 each, and the larger nativity scenes at $2.  When I suggested we could perhaps increase the price slightly, she said "No.  Then they would be too expensive."   So you are welcome to pay Amelia's suggested price or my suggested price ($2 for ornaments, $8 for nativity scene #1, $4 for nativity scenes #2 and #3) or really anything in between.

Sales are first come, first served, although we could make additional sets if needed.  Please comment on the blog, email me or call me if you would like to order one of these sets. We will give the girls cash when we hear from you since the presents are due back to church by next week, and we will then hand deliver the nativity scenes to you when we next see you.  The ornaments could be mailed if desired.

Thank you very much for helping us raise money for presents our less fortunate neighbors!  And thank you for helping me teach my girls about working hard, generosity and the spirit of giving.  :)

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