Friday, October 4, 2013

Amelia at Ballet

Amelia has started ballet again, and she is mostly having a good time.   We are going to a different dance studio and carpooling with two other girls.  I've driven them twice so far, and I can't believe all the laughter and silliness that three five-year-olds and one three-year old can generate.  On a side note, it is really nice to be able to carpool.

Yesterday Amelia came home saying that ballet wasn't quite as fun as normal because it was a little hard.  Apparently the teacher was trying to teach them to do a pas de chat, which Amelia could only kind of do.  That's a pretty tricky step for a five-year-old!  But I'm glad that the teacher is challenging them a little and teaching them something about technique.  Amelia and I had a little conversation about how you have to practice if you want to be good at something; I don't think she's used to having to work at things.  And then she went to bed early.

Here is her version of an arabesque:

Her class is right after a five and six-year-old tap class; Amelia really enjoys watching them and says she wants to learn tap next year.  We'll have to see, but I think it sounds like fun!

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  1. I think it's important to know that you can't be good at everything right away or good at everything period. Jaime likes to talk about how much she loved being on the pom squad and it taught her that there was something she wasn't good at (apparently she was NOT good at all)! I think it's hard for a 5 year old to understand that though. Maybe with time she'll come to realize that she is getting better at it the harder she works at it.

    I really like her version of an arabesque.