Saturday, October 5, 2013

Apple Picking

We finally went apple picking this week at Jerry's orchard.  We tasted an apple from every tree that had a label, probably at least 10 different kinds.  Our favorite was an heirloom variety called Liberty, which were small, red, crisp, and slightly tart.  We also liked the Empires and Jonathans.  I'd hoped to keep all the different varieties separate so we could do another apple taste test this year, but that didn't happen.  The girls had such a good time picking and eating apples this year, although Amelia had to be careful how she took bites because of her two loose front teeth!

Jerry's is such a nice, small, family-friendly orchard that's run as a backyard hobby orchard by one of the families in our church.  There's a little more leeway about things like climbing trees, which Amelia thought was just fantastic!  It reminded me of all the times we got to climb Grandpa's apple tree.

The donkeys were tethered outside of their pen, so Megan went right up to them so she could pet them.  She said they were very soft.  The girls also thought it was funny that the rooster was running around wild.  We also got to see the goats and sheep eating apples, although Amelia was curious why the sheep hadn't been sheared in the summer.

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