Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Summer - Visiting Grandma & Grandpa (4th of July)

Amelia made her traditional 4th of July chocolate cookie and Cool Whip cake, and this year Megan wanted to help spread the Cool Whip.  We couldn't find the flat chocolate cookies, so Grandpa split Oreos apart and scraped the frosting off.  It tasted delicious, but took a while longer.

The Weidners came over for the 4th of July, so we got to spend most of the day playing with Natalie and Noah.  Mom bought the girls matching 4th of July dresses, and my girls thought it was so fun that they all matched.

We went to the Glenview parade in the morning, and managed to get the very last seat on the curb that was available, right in the hot sun.  The kids were excited to get the candy and toys that were handed out, but they were probably most excited about the blowers that Mom had brought for them.  We stayed for about half the parade, then headed home because it was so hot!

Here's the cousins all together:

We went to Elm Park to watch the fireworks, and the kids had fun playing with the glow sticks Grandma provided.  We played hide and seek with the glow sticks, which everyone thought was very funny, especially when Natalie discovered she could hide the glow stick under herself.  The fireworks were very nice, but a little hidden behind trees.  I guess we'll have to go to the golf course next time.

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