Monday, October 14, 2013

Something Exciting!

Can you see what's different?  Amelia lost her first tooth!  It's a little hard to see because the adult tooth is already half-way up behind the gap, but she lost her bottom left incisor.  She woke me up this morning to tell me that her tooth had fallen out on her tongue - she's lucky she didn't swallow it!  She was so excited that she wanted to call everyone right away to tell them.  But since it was before 7am, I made her wait until after she'd gotten dressed and eaten breakfast.  Then she called both sets of grandparents to tell them her exciting news.  She has the tooth carefully nestled in a tiny jewelry box on a bed of cotton batting "to keep it safe".

I hope the tooth fairy remembers to come tonight!  Amelia is sure that the tooth fairy is going to bring her a dollar..... perhaps the tooth fairy should bring it in pennies?


  1. Very exciting! I think lots of coins in the best way to go. Bills are boring.

  2. The gap makes a perfect place to put a drinking straw!