Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Baby Monarch

The girls are still insisting that the baby should be named Monarch, although Amelia has started to come up with funnier Natalie-and-Noah type names, like Turquoise or Eyeball or Munch-Munch.  Ben and I have not moved any closer to coming up with a real name, but I can promise that he will not be named Eyeball.

I had a doctor's appointment last week (at 32 1/2 weeks) and I got to have another ultrasound.  I know ultrasound photos are usually really hard to interpret if you aren't a technician, but I thought these two were good enough to share.  The first is the baby's legs and foot, which I included so that you could see how FAT his little legs are already.  The second is the face with the right hand gripping his forehead and the left arm crossed in front of his chin gripping his right ear.  Kind of a weird position, and made blurrier by some cord that was in the way, but still a cute little face.

The main thing I learned at my appointment is that the baby is quite large already - the ultrasound estimated he weighed 5 lbs (plus or minus at least a pound) with an abdomen and head in the 90% percentile.  Somehow he ended up being only 72% in size overall (which I don't understand) so the doctor isn't too concerned, but said we may start talking about getting induced even earlier than 39 weeks, if he is still large at my 36 week appointment.  She said it's likely that he's just large genetically, rather than anything being wrong.

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  1. Finally getting the chance to catch up on your blog. What fun you have been having! Love the doughnut-making tradition! And I love the pics of baby boy! What a precious face and chubby legs! Won;t be long till you get to kiss him!