Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making Doughnuts

When Mom and Dad came to visit this weekend, we made our traditional Halloween doughnuts.  The girls really enjoyed helping to knead the dough, roll out the dough and cut the doughnuts.

They each tried frosting a few doughnuts, too, but they much preferred to let the adults do the frosting, while they applied the Halloween sprinkles.  In this photo, Amelia is frosting the doughnut "worm" that Grandpa fried for her.  She made Grandpa eat it, though, since she didn't want to eat a worm.

They were big fans of licking the spilled frosting off the waxed paper (and the table!)

Strangely, Megan was a little unsure about actually eating the doughnuts, but as soon as she got one in her mouth, she decided that she liked it.

She even shared a bite of her doughnut with Mom!

 Mom made these matching jumpers for the girls; don't they look cute?  Megan has asked if she can wear hers every day since then, but unfortunately, I do not plan on doing laundry every evening, so she's had to wear other long-sleeved dresses instead.

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  1. That's a good idea to use sprinkles! Why have we never done that before??? I'm going to have to bring sprinkles tomorrow.

    Your girls look very cute in their dresses!