Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baby Quilt for preschool auction

Amelia's preschool had a winter carnival fundraiser, and they asked parents to donate items for a silent auction and raffle.  I decided to make a baby quilt and some hair bows.

For the baby quilt, I went with a quick and easy flannel nine patch.  I machine quilted it using a wavy stitch on the diagonal (I got the wavy stitch idea from the quilt Grace gave to Amelia last Christmas, and I really like how it looks - and then you don't have to worry that your lines might not be perfectly straight!)

The pictures don't do it justice, but it is so warm and cozy.  And I got to use some of the leftover fabric from Amelia's quilt that I still haven't finished (the yellow polka dots and the blue print with the hearts.)

You are all going to laugh at me, but I liked the quilt so much and I know so many people having babies this year (and it was going for super cheap at the auction) that I bought it back myself.  :)  The president of the preschool thought that was so funny, but hey, it motivated me to make a quilt in a week, and the preschool got money for it, so I don't see any problem...

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  1. Ok that IS really funny! Such a pretty quilt!