Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Taking the Train

Amelia, Megan and I took the train home from Grandma and Grandpa's house on Saturday.  The girls thought this was so much fun!  Megan was initially hesitant about being on the train, and wanted to sit on my lap or be carried.  But she warmed up eventually and started climbing on the seats of the lounge car and looking out the window.  Amelia wanted to visit the snack car, so as soon as it opened, we went downstairs and bought a bag of flat pretzels - thanks for the treat, Aunt Elaine!  Then we had juice boxes (thanks, Mom!) and a few animal crackers (thanks, Grace!) to complete our snack.

We kept so busy on the train that we barely used the busy bag that I had packed.  In the snack car, we played I-Spy looking out the window, although we had to be quick to spy thing before we had passed them.  At one point, Amelia spied the letter "E" which I eventually guessed was on the shirt of the man sitting across from us.  He got a kick out of our game, I think.

Then we walked through the passenger cars so we could take a look at the dining car.  Amelia got to be quite a pro at going through the connectors.  She said "I like to walk when the train is wiggly!"  Megan got carried most of the way, but did enjoy trying to walk in the lounge car when it wasn't crowded.

When we got off the train, Ben asked how we enjoyed our big comfy train seats, and I said that we actually didn't sit in them for more than 5 minutes!  We spent almost all our time in the lounge car or exploring the train (we went downstairs to the snack car about four times, although we only bought a snack once.)

One very nice conductor helped Amelia walk up and down the stairs to get to our seats, and another carried one of our bags so that I was only carrying a duffel bag, my purse, our busy bag, and Megan.  I felt like a pack mule.  :)  Ben took a few photos of our arrival:

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  1. We should take a train ride sometime with the 4 kids. That would be fun (and chaotic)!