Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hair bows for preschool auction

I went a little crazy making hair bows for the preschool auction, but I was having a lot of fun making all the different kinds.  Becky made a really pretty card for me to put the bows on, so they looked nice and professional.  The auction ladies ended up splitting the bows up and adding them to different baskets; actually I ended up getting the butterfly bow back with the baby quilt that I bought.  (so funny!)

One of the girls in Amelia's class ended up with the small orange and red bows, and her dad told me that she has been wearing them every day, but that she likes to wear one red and one orange at the same time.  She's so cute!  She came up to me at preschool the other day to say thanks for the bows.  Here are some of my favorites:

My girls are starting to be better about wearing bows (they really need them to keep their scraggly hair out of their faces - it's not just me wanting them to look cute). 

So if any of you reading this would like any bows for your little girls (or boys, I don't discriminate) just let me know which ones.


  1. Red and orange at the same time -she must be taking fashion tips from Amelia!

  2. I am sure Abigail would love some bows from her Aunt Marcie, although currently she does not have a lot of hair.