Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daddy Adventure Day - Madison Children's Museum

This was last week's Daddy Adventure Day, but I was a little slow sorting through the photos.  That morning I told Amelia that she could pick what we should do that morning, and she chose to go to the Children's Museum and then eat lunch at Culver's.  For a Wednesday morning, the Children's Museum was packed.  I think there must have been a few school groups there.  This time, Amelia spent a lot of time on the second floor, in the Possible-opolis section, where she doesn't normally spend much time.  She tried out the hamster wheel for the first time with Daddy:

She and Megan both loved pushing the levers in the rocket ship.  There were levers and buttons all over this thing, and each one made a different noise.  Ben said one of them played part of the broadcast from an Apollo mission.  Oh no! Amelia ran right smack into someone in outer space!  Who could it be?

Megan liked driving the jeep with Daddy in the backseat.  She and Amelia had a few little squabbles over who got to drive the jeep, so we stayed there long enough that each girl could have a few turns.  Megan is a very serious driver.  Amelia, on the other hand, drove like a maniac.  :)

Both girls liked playing in the water room, but only Megan ended up soaking wet.  She wore a smock, but managed to spill water down her pants anyway.  You can see in the next photo that her pants are soaking wet.  Megan figured out how to go down the wood slide all by herself.  She really went zooming!  She also wanted to do the stairs by herself, but she still needs to hold onto someone's hand in order to walk up them.

Oh, and Ben crammed himself into one of the little pods so that he could read Amelia a story.

I think Megan's favorite part of the Children's Museum was when she and I went up to the rooftop garden to look at the animals.  A volunteer had a chicken in her arms named Cheddar (she was kind of orange-ish) and we got to pat the chicken.  The chicken was very soft!  Megan kept saying "bawk bawk".  Then we fed the other chickens a few pieces of grass through - they could stick their heads out through holes in the wall.  Megan thought that was very funny.  I don't have any photos of that because I didn't want to leave Megan unattended and have a chicken bite her finger. 

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