Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cupcakes for the preschool carnival

We were asked to bring cupcakes to the preschool carnival for the cupcake walk, and I thought it would be nice to decorate cute child-friendly cupcakes rather than bringing plain ones.  So, I let Amelia pick what kind of cupcakes she would like, and she chose these sea turtles that I saw in Disney Family.  They were pretty easy to make, just use a peach gummy ring, one orange gumdrop, one green gumdrop, and two cut up spearmint leaf candies.  Mine didn't stand out as much as theirs on the blue frosting, but I had put a little too much vanilla in, and I thought it would be unappetizing to have the sea turtles swimming in brownish frosting.

When I took them to the preschool, everyone thought they were so cute that I got asked to make a few dozen more, since they thought they wouldn't have enough.  Anna helped me decorate the rest of the cupcakes:

Amelia played the cupcake walk game twice, and the first time she chose to bring home a plate of the monkey cupcakes.  The second time she had to choose plain cupcakes because the fun ones were all gone.  :)

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