Monday, February 27, 2012

Playing after dinner

I went down to the playroom after finishing up the dishes to find this:

Amelia was using her magic wand to turn Ben and Megan into an iceberg.  She had some complicated imaginary play going on where she was a flower and she had to climb up on the iceberg so that she wouldn't get eaten by a shark.  I don't really know where that came from, although we have been playing "pretend to be a shark and try to eat the person on the boat" a lot lately.  Here she has turned them back into themselves:

Don't you love Megan's hair?  Oh, and in Amelia's mind, her outfit matches perfectly because it is all hearts.  Except for the socks, which have moose on them.  I guess moose socks go with everything.  :)

Megan still loves to try on shoes.  Here she is wearing my workout shoes.  She couldn't quite manage to walk in them, but she had fun anyway!

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  1. Is it hard to look at Amelia sometimes with the combinations of clothes she puts together? I think all those non coordinating hearts would make my eyes go batty after a while!