Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to Grandma, Grace and Megan!

We had a three way birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa Dueber's house on Saturday.  It was so much fun to get together with everybody!  We had an easy lunch of Popeye's chicken, biscuits, red beans & rice, fresh veggies and, of course, a huge selection of delicious fruit brought by Grace. We let Megan help herself to fruit at lunch on Sunday, and I think she must have eaten three servings worth of raspberries, strawberries and grapes.

Megan had a chocolate birthday cupcake with yellow M&Ms on top.  She blew out her two candles by herself, and then ate all the yellow M&Ms, then the frosting, and then finally the cupcake.

Grace had a cherry pie, and she was kind enough to let all the big kids help her blow out her candles.  Noah was so excited to blow out the candles that he blew almost all of them out as soon as we were done singing Happy Birthday, and so Grace, Natalie and Amelia teamed up to blow out the last one. 

Grandma had a Pinwheel Cake; the cake was made by Becky, and the frosting was made by Mom.  It's been a LONG long time since Mom made any part of that cake herself, and it turned out very tasty.  Before we sang Happy Birthday, Grandma explained the rules of blowing out candles, that she was going to count to 3 and then everyone could blow together.  It worked perfectly!

As we were sitting down to eat lunch, we were talking about telling time (had the Cole Camp clock just chimed 12?) and Dad asked what time it was.  Natalie immediately looked up and said "Dinnertime!"  At the end of lunch, Noah was getting tired, and just wanted to sit on Becky's lap.  Dad was trying to convince Noah to sit on his lap by offering all kinds of incentives, but what finally got Noah to move was the offer to do the spider crawl on him.  Noah thought that was hilarious!

Megan enjoyed trying on all her new jewelry from her new purse from Grandma, and she wore her new pink Hello Kitty rain boots all the rest of the day (and even to church on Sunday!)

And of course Grace read books to all the kids:

Megan had fun bouncing on the exercise ball:

And before everyone left, we even managed to get a picture of Mom, Grace and all the kids together.  Mom bribed them by saying that if everyone smiled for the picture, then they would get M&Ms.  It worked!  Although I don't think I got a photo of everyone smiling at the same time. Natalie started off with the best natural smile, but by the time Megan was looking at the camera and giving her super cheesy smile, Natalie's smile had faded a little.  Here are the best two photos:

Dad handed out the M&Ms:

and the smiles kept coming:

Amelia asked why Grandma and Grace didn't get any M&Ms, since they were smiling nicely, but they said they were too full from our big lunch and cake/pie.

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