Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Concert in the Park

Sun Prairie hosted a summer concert in the park today, and we decided to go even though the temperature was 97.  There were all kinds of family activities before the concert started, like a bouncy house:

a balloon animal creator (Amelia got a red ladybug, and Megan got a purple turtle, both could be worn as bracelets):

and a face painter:

The girls didn't want their faces painted at first, but then when their friend Sophia got her face painted, of course they had to go try it out.  Megan chose a purple smiley face, and Amelia chose a rainbow and then a purple butterfly.  She wanted to go back and get her leg painted, but then the concert ended and the face painting booth packed up.

The 484th Army Band played a selection of mostly patriotic music, finishing up with Stars and Stripes Forever.  They also played John Williams' Cowboys Overture, Copeland's Hoedown, and a very nice piece that was written for Machesney Park high school band (maybe Brian knows that song I'm talking about?).  Oh, and a whole bunch of other music I didn't recognize, including some kind of a polka that would have been fun to dance to, but we were still eating our picnic lunch at that time and Amelia refused to dance.  Instead, we danced to a much slower song during the bands' warmup:

and then again to Stars & Stripes Forever:

It was so hot outside that Megan wanted to hold onto our ice pack to cool off while we walked back to the car:

She rubbed off her purple smiley face.  :)


  1. I love the picture of Amelia dancing with the flag. So cute! I'm having a great time catching up on your blog. Your family has been having so much fun. :)

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  3. I also love the picture of Amelia with the flag! You should send that one in! Looks like you have been having a super fun summer! You have inspired me to start a blog. Next time you are in I need your help! :)