Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Megan!

When we were at Jeff and Jane's house, we celebrated Megan's birthday with a family party on July 8th.  I asked Megan what she wanted to eat for her birthday dinner, and all she would say was "MM" (M&Ms).  So, Jeff made pancakes and put M&Ms in especially for Megan.  We also had sausage and fruit, but the M&M pancakes were the girls' favorite things.  Megan wasn't super hungry, since she'd had a nice big snack at Aunt Anna's baby shower, but she did eat some M&Ms.  :)

I let her pick what kind of cake she wanted, and she said "ssssssss" which is her way of saying snake.  Then Amelia asked what color snake cake she wanted, and she said "yewwow" which of course is yellow.  So, here is Megan's yellow snake cake:

Snake cakes are so easy to make, just split a bundt cake in half and taper the ends; I highly recommend them.  I made the frosting with butter flavored shortening instead of butter, because it was so hot outside.  It frosted okay, except the frosting didn't always want to stick to the cake.  I thought it didn't taste quite as good as true buttercream, but nobody else noticed.  She loved her cake, and was happy to blow out the candles herself:

When it came time to eat the cake, cousin Katie tried to sneak pieces from Megan's plate, and Megan thought that was so funny!

Megan got a lot of nice presents, including light up leopard shoes from Aunt B (which she decided to play with at 3am that night) and a three wheeled scooter from me.  She likes to ride the scooter, but it's hard to steer, and she hasn't figured out how to push herself off very well.  Plus she took a pretty good tumble this week trying to go down our slopey driveway.  It's much safer to ride the scooter inside the house:

But I'm sure it won't be long before she figures out how to ride it herself.  She loves to have a scooter just like all the big kids on our block!


  1. I love Megan's cute little pigtails! What an outfit she is wearing in the last 2 pictures!

  2. Love the snake cake! Megan looks like such a big girl on her scooter!