Monday, July 23, 2012

Night-Night, Megan

Megan has become very particular about how her crib is arranged at night.  She has to have her water bottle and her teething ring (not even cold) in the top right corner of her bed.  Her gray kitty "meow" comes next, then her "mingo" (flamingo).  On the left side of her bed, she has her music box giraffe "jaff" from Amelia, which plays Rock-a-Bye Baby.  She sleeps on two pillows, Amelia's old crib pillow and then "baby pillow", the pillow that my Grandma Sylvester embroidered for my mom.  Then she has to have exactly three blankets "tuck in" around her.  First comes her purple quilt from Grandma Jane, then "Silly Monkey" (her new birthday quilt from Grandma Jane), then "purple" (her purple afghan from Aunt Anna).

She's all set - good night, Megan!

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