Saturday, July 14, 2012

Peach Picking

Okay, this is going to be a lot of photos of the girls at the peach orchard, but they were all so cute!

The very last thing on our to-do list at Grandma and Grandpa's house was to go peach picking.  We waited until Monday morning because that was the coolest day we were there.  Now, mind you, the high temperature was still supposed to be 97°, but when we were there between 10am and 11am, it was probably only up to 90°.  Practically frigid after the weather we'd been having.  :)

We went to Eckert's, which charged $1.80/lb for pick-your-own peaches (which is cheaper than my grocery store, and the peaches are much tastier).  The girls loved the tractor pulled wagon ride out to the peach orchard:

And, once again, Amelia tried to wear a basket on her head:

Megan was determined to carry her basket herself.  The empty basket wasn't too hard for her to manage, but she even managed to carry the basket with the peaches in it back to the tractor!  She's a strong and determined little girl!

Picking peaches:

Showing Mommy the peaches that they picked:

And finally, EATING the peaches!

The peaches were firm, which was good since we planned to take them back home with us, but it was hard to find ones that we could eat right off the tree.  We did find a few, but the girls didn't care that theirs may have been a little crunchy.  Interestingly, they haven't wanted to eat the peaches now that we are home, so I will have to put some in the freezer.  I'VE been eating them, though, and they are delicious!

Jeff figured out a way to give Amelia the giggles by betting her she can't laugh while he counts to five.  Usually he gets to one, and she's laughing hysterically already.  I wish I could post her laugh track, it is the funniest thing.

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