Friday, July 27, 2012

Tumbling Classes

Amelia loves her summer tumbling class!  The class consists of a few different kinds of obstacle courses, where the kids practice somersaults and other things.  Although Amelia has just informed me that they are called FORWARD ROLLS, not somersaults.  Here she is waiting patiently for her turn:

And here she is getting ready to do a somersault, with her cute little gymnast pose:

The teacher is helping her do a backwards roll down a ramp:

Amelia really likes to walk on the balance beam.  She can walk on the lower two balance beams without any help, but a teacher helps all the kids on the highest one.   On this lower one, she is jumping over the frogs on the balance beam.  She was able to land back on the beam after jumping.

And here she is balancing on a bar and then doing a flip:

She loves to balance upside down:

And swing on the parallel bars:

She really likes her colorful gymnastics outfit, too, even though I make her wear her hair in pigtails.  :)


  1. Wow! They do a lot of stuff in that class! I am planning on signing N2 up for a tumbling class and I don't think they will do that much! Does Amelia have to wear a leotard (is that what she is wearing?) to class?

  2. Adorable!! She can do so many things!! Has she liked watching the Olympics gymnasts?