Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A new way to eat green beans

Megan came up with a new interesting way to eat green beans last night at dinner.  Ben captured an action sequence; can you tell what she's doing?

 Yup, that's right, she's dunking her green beans in milk!

Amelia went through a stage in October where she was having bad dreams at night, and she'd get in bed with me (and disrupt my sleep).  So when I'd had enough of that, I tried a few things to help her.  I immediately would get up and put her back in her bed and try to turn her scary dream into something silly.  I also told her she could draw a picture of her scary dream because that might help her not be so scared.  So the next morning, Amelia had drawn this:

Amelia's Bad Dream (she sounded out the words herself)

Amelia is lying down with a frowny face and a mean man is poking her with a fork.  So sad.  She hasn't woken me up at night since then, though!

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  1. Natalie loves to dip things in milk too. Anything. I find it disgusting and I try to discourage her as I think it will lead to her knocking her milk over. The other day I gave her graham crackers for a snack and water and she tried to dip her graham crackers in water. I decided to give her milk instead :)

    Is it bad that I laughed at what Amelia's bad dream was? I hope that doesn't sound bad but being poked with a fork is not the top of my bad dream list! I can think of much worse but I guess it's good that she can't at 4 years old.