Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Very Foggy Day

When Ben got home on Tuesday, we were under a dense fog advisory.  So while dinner was in the oven, we all went on a fog walk.  The girls thought it was really fun to get to walk in the fog.  Amelia ran ahead on the walking path, and would then turn around and yell "Mommy, can you see me?" and I would pretend I couldn't see her in the fog.  Occasionally, Ben and I would shout out "Where's Amelia?  We can't see Amelia anymore!" and she would turn around and laugh

Megan ran just about the entire time, trying to follow Amelia.  She held our hands a few times wanting us to swing her through the air; now I make her count to eleven before I let her swing.  It's good counting practice and forces her to walk a little bit, too.

Amelia took her camera on our walk, although she was concerned that we would forget to put it back in her flower girl bag.  She took a lot of photos (way more than I took) and got some interesting shots:

Some of her photos she took while running down the path:

And it looked like she was trying to get photos of the fog itself:

I'm trying to embrace going outside and enjoying all kinds of weather, and this turned out to be great fun for everybody.  We'll have to do a night time walk sometime this fall before it gets too cold. 

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  1. Duh. I've never even thought of having Ian count to more than 3 when he wants us to swing him. Good call. Maybe he'll go for counting to 45?? :)