Sunday, October 14, 2012

Preschool Yoga

I was surprised to hear that Amelia is learning yoga in preschool!  Here are the poses that she has learned so far:

Mountain and then Strong Warrior:

Star and then Butterfly:

Flower and then Twisty Flower:


and finally Tree:

And of course Megan wanted to do yoga with Amelia.  Here they are both doing tree and then mountain.

When I want to get natural smiles (which I didn't really succeed at today) I've started copying Grandpa Jeff by saying "Please don't smile while I count to 5!" and of course they start laughing as soon as I get to 1.


  1. So cute! No downward facing dog?

  2. I especially like the tree and the cat. I tried to do the tree, but I need much more practice.