Sunday, October 28, 2012

Amelia sings 5 Little Ducks

We listen to a lot of kids music in the car, and Five Little Ducks is one of the girls' favorites.  Raffi sings it a little differently than I learned it, so Amelia's version is kind of a compilation of the two versions.

Megan does NOT like Raffi's version, and she insists that the last stanza should say "Daddy duck says "Quack, quack, quack'", so we have to turn off my phone and Amelia has to sing it the right way by herself.  I am not allowed to sing with her anymore.

If you are curious, their other favorite songs include:
"Jingle Bells" sung by the Bare Naked Ladies
"How to Believe" by Tinkerbell
"The Green Grass Grows All Around"
"Moose Tracks"
"Mickey Mouse Club", the old version

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