Monday, October 1, 2012

"All About Cats" by Amelia Johnson

Amelia has been drawing a lot of books in preschool, which usually consist of pieces of paper taped together with LOTS of tape, containing drawings of our family in gardens or at the beach.  So last week Friday when she was done resting, I suggested that we write a book together at home.  She got out four sheets of paper and said that's how long her book needed to be.  And she immediately knew that the title would be "All About Cats".  She told me that I had to be listed as the author because I was writing down all the words, but basically it was like I was taking dictation from a speed-talking four year old.  I hope I got it all down correctly.  :)  I gave her a few suggestions from time to time, like "can you tell me what kind of things Alice played with her grandparents?" but all the ideas were hers.  She drew all the pictures by herself, too.  We worked on it over the weekend, and finally finished it today before dinner.  She is very proud of her completed book.

Amelia's favorite picture is the one of the fireworks.  I think mine is the picture of Dinah wearing her green dress.  And in case you can't tell on page 10 (photo 6) that is Grandma hiding behind a green shower curtain.


  1. Wow! What a story! Way to go Amelia! Do Nicholas and Nora have other names in real life?

  2. Just starting to get caught up on some of your posts. I LOVE this cat story, Amelia! You're a very talented author and illustrator, and your Mommy did a good job of being a scribe!(Fun idea, Marcie! :))