Friday, September 28, 2012

Playing Outside with Daddy

The weather was so beautiful this evening that we all played outside.  We had borrowed the bubble bag from preschool which has a big bubble blower, but even though I made the same bubble recipe, we had a hard time getting the big bubbles to stick around.

Then Amelia wanted to play t-ball, so Ben showed her the right stance.  She knocked the tee over almost every time she swung the bat, but she could hit the ball pretty far.  She's starting to remember how to hold and swing the bat, although she usually is aiming in the wrong direction.

Of course Megan had to try t-ball, too.  I think this was her first time swinging a bat, and even though Ben showed her how to do it, I don't think it sunk in very well.  But she's so cute!

Amelia then got out the golf set, and we hit the golf balls all over the yard.  Our grass was pretty long and the golf balls tended to get stuck, so we switched to playing on the sidewalk.  Ben had taken out his real golf club, and he refused to swing it on the sidewalk, so he switched to hitting t-balls over the roof with the golf club.  Thankfully, they didn't get stuck in the gutter.  :)  What do you think of Amelia's swing?  Pretty energetic, right?

And do you like her outfit?


  1. I was going to comment on her outfit. Wow what a look! I'm impressed that you let her wear whatever she wants. I just can't handle that! I need coordinating clothes in my life!

  2. Great follow-through on the golf swing!