Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Preschool Snack Helper Day

Today was Amelia's turn to be snack helper at preschool; she has been looking forward to it since last week.  We decided to bring string cheese and apples for the snack.  We brought red, yellow and green apples, and then we had a taste test to determine which apple was the favorite.  Surprisingly, green (Granny Smith) got the most votes, followed closely by red (Red Delicious), with yellow (Golden Delicious) a distant third.  I led the small group discussions, and it was so funny to hear what the kids had to say about the flavor and texture of the apples.  One boy said "This apple smells like an eyeball" and when I asked him what that smelled like, he said "It smells like a peach!"  Amelia's favorite was the red apple. 

Amelia also got to be morning message reader this week, so today she stood in front of the class and read "Hello, friends.  Amelia is the snack helper today."  Then Ms. Bottomley asked her to circle both of the "A"s in her name, and of course she got it right. 

Amelia and I spent a lot of time playing in the kitchen with three other kids.  I had to dress up with scarves, and the other kids brought us all kinds of food to eat.  I took a photo of Amelia and then she took one of me:

Finally, Amelia helped clean up after all the other kids were gone.  While I was vacuuming and washing dishes, she wiped all of the chairs and even mopped the floor!  Amelia loved mopping the floor and was upset when I told her we had to stop so that we could go home.  Perhaps I should get her to mop the floors at home!

Amelia said her favorite part of the day was getting to set the table to ready for snack time.  She laid out the placemats, and she made sure to put her best friends at her table.  She sat next to Sophia and Lucy, and put Emily next to Lucy.  Her table was almost entirely girls, and all the disruptive boys were at the other table.  It was pretty funny.  She said her second favorite part of the day was doing the apple taste test, and her third favorite part was playing with me in the kitchen.

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  1. This reminds me of when Mom was babysitting Hope when she was still little.... Hope loved to push things around, so Mom took the top of the Swiffer broom handle off and gave it to her. Kid did the whole kitchen and living room,