Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Amelia the Ballerina

 Here is Amelia looking super excited to start ballet on her first day of class:

Amelia LOVES her ballet class!  She is so excited to go to class on Mondays, she looks forward to it all day long.  When I've peeked in the window, I've seen little girls doing a lot of spinning, which is probably Amelia's favorite thing ever.  Amelia told me on Monday that I'm not supposed to peek in the window, though, because the teacher told them they should pretend nobody is peeking.  So Megan and I have to be sneaky.  :)

Here is Amelia doing a tendu and then a passe:

 I thought it would be fun to take pictures of some of the moves she knows now, and then repeat the photos in a few years to see how much she improves.

The ballet studio has a lot of toys for siblings to play with, but so far Megan has been content going outside to eat a special snack.  This Monday she had fruit snacks, which she thinks is such a treat.

Megan tells me that she is going to take ballet when she is 3 years old.  I told her that she would probably have to be 4, but I think 3 is the only number she knows.

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  1. Noah told me the other day that he wants to do ballet instead of tumbling. I told them they could have the choice come the winter session. Natalie said she would pick tumbling and Noah said he would pick ballet. Sigh. He really wants to do both though. I think that they may start ballet rather than creative movements (or whatever my park district calls it) at 4 so maybe I'll wait until they turn 4. Glad she likes the class!