Monday, September 24, 2012

The Summer of Dresses

Amelia has wanted to wear a dress every single day this summer and fall.  I convinced her that she had to wear shorts to go to tumbling class, and I occasionally made her wear shorts to play at the park.  But otherwise, she was happy in her dresses.  She has a few handmade dresses (thanks to both Grandmas and me), Becky lent us a few dresses that she had bought for Natalie to wear next summer, and I got a few dresses handed down from our neighbor.  I thought it would be fun to document all her cute summer dresses.


Amelia says her favorite dresses are the rainbow dress and the watermelon dress (but I think it depends on what she is wearing the day I ask her that question).

Now that it it getting cooler in the mornings, she likes to add non-matching tights and sweaters to her dresses.  Pretty soon I'm going to put away the sundresses and get out the fall and winter dresses.  Mom and I just found a whole bunch of cute long-sleeved dresses at Kohl's this weekend.  Amelia was so excited!

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  1. How cute! Can't wait to see them with her choice of tights!