Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Megan's Choice: Rock Painting

Megan and I have run a lot of errands while Amelia has been in preschool, but I'm trying to balance that with time spent doing things Megan enjoys.  The other day as we were coming back from a walk, Megan found a big rock in our yard.  She immediately said "paint rock" and so we went inside and got out all the colors of paint (of course) and matching colored paint brushes and she went to town.

The rock is so colorful and beautiful now, and always makes me smile when I see it in the garden.  I wish we had more big rocks to paint.  Here is the face she makes now when I tell her to give me a big smile:

This was her favorite dress during August and September.  She calls it "red blue dress" and wants to wear it every day.  She didn't like to wear dresses until I made her wear this one for the Olympics, and now it's her favorite.  Funny how quickly her mind changes.

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