Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another Concert in the Park

Sun Prairie had a last minute concert in the park on Saturday, and because it was a beautiful day, and we were already at the park for the preschool back-to-school picnic, the girls and I decided to stay and enjoy it.  It featured a bluegrass band, which played music that was perfect for dancing:

There weren't very many kids at the concert, so my girls got to do a lot of art projects (scratch-off fall leaves with rainbow colors underneath) and get a lot of tattoos.  Megan looks pensive in this photo, but she was really excited to get two tattoos on her face and two on her hands.

So that I'm fair to both kids, here's Amelia looking pensive:

We also played ladder golf, but we didn't follow the standard rules at all!  Amelia liked to wear the golf balls like jewelry, and Megan liked to hang them neatly on the ladders.

And finally, the girls enjoyed rolling down the small hills at the park:

We had a very fun day almost entirely outside, which was fitting for possibly the last really nice weather day we'll have until May.  It's been getting into the 40s every night, which makes for great sleeping weather!) but it takes a while to warm up during the day, so our mornings have been really chilly. 

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