Monday, September 3, 2012

Grandma Jane & Grandpa Jeff's visit

We had a really fun visit with Jeff and Jane, of course!  Amelia planned out our entire Saturday - first, we went to Panera for breakfast, then we went back to Olbrich Botanic Gardens, then we went out to lunch at Ella's Deli (or as she calls it, the carousel place) and finally, she wanted to color with chalk.  Once again, Amelia loved to lead everyone on the exploring paths at Olbrich; she especially liked exploring the "new" path to the Thai garden.  We ran over the shade garden bridge several times; I think it looks like a Monet painting (if you crop out the strange Chinese orange lantern artwork).

Amelia and Grandma separated from the rest of us in the Rose Garden and then called us on the phone to let us know that they were hiding.  Megan and I knew exactly where they would be (the same hiding place they used with Grandpa Dueber) but Grandpa Jeff and Daddy had to walk around a long time before they found everybody!

We tried to get a photo of the girls in the annual garden again, but Grandma is the only one who smiled nicely.  Amelia thought it was funny that she stole Grandma's visor.

Megan rode the elephant twice, and even tried to say "elephant".  She did NOT like it when Grandpa tried to ride with her! 

Megan did a lot of walking, but towards the end, she decided that she needed to be carried.  Grandpa obliged, and made Megan giggle by galloping along the path:

Jeff gave me some pointers about how to shoot a photo in bright light and I think this one turned out adorable (but I still had to do some adjusting in lightroom).

The girls posed with Grandma on the leaf statue that they insist is actually a turtle. 

At Ella's, the girls got to ride the carousel with Grandma and Grandpa.  The carousel was their favorite part of the restaurant, but everybody liked looking at all the animated display.  Grandma's favorite was the singing feet, and Megan really liked the flying Dumbo and the Mighty Mouse that you could see from our table.

After naptime, Grandma and the girls colored with chalk on the sidewalk.  Amelia made all her chalk outlines into ballerinas, but Grandma colored herself more realistically.


It was a little cool for sundresses and bare feet, so the girls decided they needed to put on hoodies.  Doesn't Megan look adorable?

 Then Grandma gave the girls a bath and read books before bedtime.  What a fun day!

I guess I'll have to write about the rest of their visit another day...

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