Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grandma Jane & Grandpa Jeff's visit (part 2, finally)

After church on Sunday, we went to Angell Park to play on the playground.  They had installed a new water fountain that everybody thought was so funny:

Megan had a great time riding the "ponies" in the little kid section - she can do it all by herself now.

Meanwhile, Amelia finally decided she was brave enough to go down the dark twisty slide all by herself, and then Jeff said she went down it about 20 times in a row.

Before Grandma and Grandpa left on Monday morning, the girls spent some time roughhousing with Grandpa.  For whatever reason, the girls decided that Grandpa would make a good slide!  Amelia started it, of course, and then Megan decided that she had to join in.

We went to Panera for breakfast on Monday, and we got some good photos of the girls with Jane's iphone.  First they were both being snuggly with Grandma, and then Amelia started getting goofy and hiding under the table.

And when Grandma got home, she sent us a photo of Amelia's artwork that she had hung on the fridge.  Amelia was so excited!  The first is a picture that Amelia colored of Tinkerbell (traced from the girls' placemats) and the second is a picture Amelia painted of herself on a scooter (in the middle on the left).  This is the first time she's ever painted anything specific.

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