Monday, September 10, 2012

Amelia's First Day of 4K

 Amelia says to tell you all that she likes preschool.  She was so excited to go to school this morning!  We had a little argument about her outfit before we could get out the door.  She wanted to wear a sundress (it was 49° outside), and when I told her it was too cold, she wanted to add a leotard underneath with striped tights.  I wanted her to wear pants and a t-shirt.  We compromised on a tunic top and leggings.

The first thing she told me when school was over was that she had carrot chips (???), grapes and water for a snack, and that large motor was after snack instead of before it, like last year.  She also made a placemat, which had to be pink because they didn't have any purple paper, that has an Elmo sticker and some treat stickers on it.  She spent a lot of time playing in the kitchen and sweeping the floor, and she said the teacher read a silly story, although she didn't remember the name of it.  All in all, a very fun morning.  She was very excited that her preschool teachers from last year stopped by to say hi during snack time.

Here are some first day of school photos:

The cute sign is from I Heart Naptime.  She has a whole set for free from preschool through 12th grade.

I told Amelia that I would take her out for a special just-the-two-of-us lunch the weekend before preschool, but she told me that she wanted Megan to come along with us.  Isn't that sweet?  So we went out for lunch today; she chose to go to Red Robin, so that she and Megan could get helium balloons.  Amelia ate a good lunch of chicken fingers, apple slices, a whole cup of milk, and a vanilla custard from Culver's as a treat on the way home.  She chose a purple balloon, of course.  Megan ate apple slices, and chose an orange balloon. 

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  1. I'm glad you had such a fun day at school, Amelia! Your outfit is adorable. Ian likes "carrot chips," too. They're always out as free samples at our grocery store! What a healthy treat.