Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bouncy Ball Painting

We did a quick art project the other day with some paint, a few bouncy balls, and a box that we picked up at Costco.  First, I taped the paper in the box.  Then, Amelia dunked each ball in a different color of paint and dropped it in the box (using a melon baller because she didn't like getting her hands messy).  And finally, she tilted and shook the box around to make line paintings. 

She loved to watch the balls as they were rolling across the paper, and I think she tried to make them go specific places.

Here's her finished piece - isn't it pretty? 

She painted two pieces of paper, and then got bored.  Which was fine because Megan had just about had enough of sitting in her high chair eating cheerios and watching.  It's much harder to do art projects when Megan is awake.  I'll have to try to find some things that Megan can do, too, without making a huge mess.

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