Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daddy Adventure Day - Madison Children's Museum

This week we headed to the Madison Children's Museum, and decided to explore the rooftop garden first.  Did you know that you can grow green beans and squash on a huge trellis?  I had no idea.

Megan headed for the little river first, and immediately stuck her feet in.  After splashing in the water, crawling through the dirt and playing in the sandbox, we went inside to wash up at the sink.  And inside the little clubhouse were baby chicks, turtles and best of all, A SNAKE!  Megan sat on the ground and watched the snake for at least five minutes, trying to follow its movements with her finger on the glass. 
Then she discovered the hula hoop.  Here's Megan the Vitruvian Baby:

Amelia and Daddy had a good time using flip-flops to play the slapophone.  (I think this would be fun to make out of pvc and give as a gift to a certain niece and nephew who love to make music, do you think their mom would approve?)

Amelia took this picture to show Grandma Jane, can you guess why?

Alas, the frog did not turn into a prince.  Wouldn't this be a fun planter to have in your garden?

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