Monday, August 1, 2011

More fun with food coloring

We had a bit of milk that was starting to go off, and instead of dumping it down the drain, I thought Amelia and I could play with it.  I poured a shallow layer of milk into a large plate, and gave her the food coloring.  I told her to put just a few individual drops of food coloring scattered around the plate, but she went a little crazy.  That girl really loves food coloring... 

Then I gave her a toothpick with the end dipped in dish soap, and she poked it into a drop of color.  The color immediately shoots out all over the plate!

It was so cool that I got another plate for me so that I could try to make pretty pictures myself. 

We found that the color only scatters well with the first poke of the toothpick, but after that it's fun to swirl the toothpick around and watch the colors mix.

Idea from Our Best Bites which, by the way, has delicious recipes!

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