Friday, August 26, 2011

Garage Sale Success

Ben took a half day off on Friday so that I could go garage-saling without the girls during Sun Prairie's biannual city wide garage sale.  (He was gone all day on Saturday at the Kraft softball tournament, which is why I could not go then.  And as it turned out, it poured with rain on Saturday morning, so Friday was really the best day to go anyway.)  Here's my haul:

The toy in the bottom right corner is a magnetic stick and ball building set, and it is super fun to play with!  Amelia and Ben have played with it several times already - last time they made a gigantic pyramid.  I actually found two sets, so I bought one to give to Natalie and Noah in a few years.

Here's the list of what I got:
3 Gymboree outfits (these would have cost more brand new than what I spent on all of this stuff combined.  Yay!)
5 short sleeved shirts
6 long sleeved shirts
1 sweater
3 pairs of pants
1 skirt
1 leotard
1 spring coat for next year
2 sun hats (also Gymboree, with straps!)
4 white t-shirts that we will use for art projects
3 bags of wooden train set pieces to supplement our existing set (Amelia and Ben like to build huge complicated layouts)
2 sets of Lincoln Logs (because you can never have enough Lincoln Logs)
10 books (including Amelia's new favorite book "Wemberly Worried")
1 book & CD set
1 DVD (I know, a Barbie DVD seems like a weird choice, but Barbie's Swan Lake was specifically recommended by a friend as good for little girls who like to dance)
1 bracelet
the aforementioned magnetic stick and ball toys
1 pair of dress shoes
handmade Nativity scene puzzle for Becky (sorry to ruin the surprise)
1 paint canvas
2 bags of lollipop craft sticks
1 package of alphabet beads
1 package of jingle bells
1 package of sea shells
3 bags of styrofoam balls (do you have any idea how expensive these are at a craft store?  Try $1 a piece!)
4 skein of yarn (art projects planned for all of these crafty things)
3 sewing patterns for Halloween costumes (I'm thinking of making Megan Eeyore for Halloween, since she is always so serious)
4 insect car toys for Megan
2 games for Becky's class at school
1 hair bow organizer for Amelia (and it's purple!  with butterflies!)

Now I am working on putting all that stuff away.  Right now, the train set is spread out all over that same space in my dining room/hallway area and it has created a huge obstacle course for poor Megan to try walking over. 


  1. I love Kevin Henkes books! Do you have Lily's Purple Plastic Purse (I think that's the correct order)?

  2. No, we don't have that one, I'll have to look for it at the library. We discovered Henkes through "Kitten's First Full Moon" which has been one of Amelia's favorite books for a year. But we've just recently discovered some of his other books. We also like "Sheila Ray the Brave".