Monday, August 15, 2011

Bubble Painting

We did a new fun art project last week - bubble painting! It is so easy:

1) Pour some dishwash soap into a cup
2) Pour some washable non-toxic kids paint into a cup (the more paint, the brighter the final product)
3) Add a little bit of water
4) Add a straw
5) Blow bubbles until the bubbles are way over the top of the cup
6) Smush a piece of paper or cardstock onto the bubbles
7) Repeat

As far as the amounts I used, I didn't really measure.  I used wide juice glasses, and the final mixture was maybe up an inch from the bottom of the cup.  Next time I would try to get by with using less overall paint/dish soap because it worked best to blow with the straw right at the bottom of the cup anyway, and we ran out of dish soap, red paint and purple paint (Amelia's favorite colors to paint with).  She was really good about not sucking up the paint, but just blowing out.

As we were blowing bubbles (because of course I had to try it myself), Amelia kept saying "I really like this!".

If you are very talented, you can blow bubbles in two different colors at once!

Even Daddy got to try!

Final artwork:

Mom and I were talking about what Becky can do with all her kids' artwork, and she suggested that Becky could mail it to people.  What a great idea!  So all you relatives, you might start getting more mail from us...

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