Sunday, August 28, 2011

Salt Painting

I've seen a lot of posts about salt painting and decided we would try it this week.  Here's how you do it:

Use a bottle of glue to create a design on a piece of construction paper.  Amelia loved to paint with glue!  Her favorite part was making huge puddles of glue.  I usually don't let her play with the glue bottle, so this was a treat.

Sprinkle the gluey areas with salt.  Amelia did a very thorough job transferring salt onto the glue; I think she went through half a container of salt.  Good thing Dollar Tree sells salt 2 for $1.

Paint the salty areas and watch the paint spread throughout the salt.  We used kids watercolor paint, and we found it worked best if you used fairly concentrated paint, a very wet brush, and just dabbed the brush on the salt to watch the color spread.  (I will say that the color didn't spread as miraculously for us as some people claim, but it did spread some.)  Amelia did her whole painting, and then painted part of my painting, and then got tired.

I used kids washable glue, and I found that when the painting dries, the colored salty glue will just flake right off.  So, don't plan on saving this for posterity or mailing it to grandma.  But even though we didn't end up with a cool finished product, the process was fun.

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  1. It's kind of fun to let the glue dry all the way and then paint over and around it because it really brings out the pattern you make with the glue. You could try that too.