Monday, August 22, 2011

Corn Fest 2011

The girls and I went to Sun Prairie's Corn Fest for dinner on Saturday while Ben was at his softball tournament.  Amelia and I each ate an ear of corn:
Most people at the Corn Fest bought corn by the crate, which held maybe a dozen ears, and you had to shuck it after you bought it.  They had stations to roll the corn in butter and they had salt shakers tied to trees.  I think that was the first time I'd ever had buttered and salted corn on the cob, and YUM.  Amelia, as expected, ate hers plain.  While we ate our corn (and hot dogs, pulled pork sandwich and Cheetos) we listened to a saxophone quartet called Quattro Formaggio (only in WI).  Amelia liked to dance to their music.

Here's what happens when you ask Amelia to smile for a photo:

And as we were leaving, we saw that they had a free bouncy area for babies and toddlers - it was perfect for my girls.  The floor wasn't bouncy, but they had a little slide, and a tunnel, and a car and a ball pit for the kids to play in.  The girls didn't want to go home.  Here's a photo to prove that Megan was there:


  1. So how did you eat corn-on-the-cob? I think the only way I ever had it was with butter and salt.

  2. Butter and parmesan - you must try!

  3. I've only ever eaten corn on the cob plain or with butter. I will have to try butter and parm, that sounds tasty!