Thursday, September 8, 2011

Amelia's First Day at Preschool

Amelia had a great first day at preschool today!  She told me that she made an art project with beads and the teacher read "The Kissing Hand" and that two little boys cried because they missed their mommies, but that she didn't cry because she didn't miss me.  Yeah for Amelia!  The teacher added that Amelia was quiet, but that she did very well, and that she loved to use glitter in her art project.

Here are some first day of school pictures:

The cute sign is from I Heart Naptime.  She has a whole set for free from preschool through 12th grade.

The other day Amelia made a glue, bead and sequin picture for one of her teachers.  When Amelia gave it to her teacher this morning, her teacher made a big deal about it and hung it on the art cabinet for everyone to see.  Amelia thought that was really cool.  At home we also made a pencil vase and picked some flowers from my garden for each of her teachers.  They were easy to make and cost less than $3 each. 

I told Amelia she could choose what to eat for lunch today to celebrate her first day at school.  Of course she chose to go to Culver's so that she could have ice cream, and she even branched out and got sprinkles on her ice cream.

Oh, and we went to the park between preschool and lunch and saw a bald eagle!  So, today really has been a great day!


  1. Way to go, Amelia! What a big girl you are!
    Marcie -- love the pencil vase idea! I bet the teacher loved it. And your garden flowers are gorgeous! :)